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Stephanie Moser

MMS Sourcing

"the additional revenue motivated us to try with userwerk, and the + 5 years we partner with them show that they more than met our expectations, we would do it again"

Plugged into a high-performance e-commerce booster one of Europes market leaders works with userwerk for +5 years

The Results at a glance


in additional revenue over 6 months




of their ancillary revenue facilitated by userwerk

20.1 million

impressions in 2021

+5 years

of partnering

Serving mobile apps and webshop

No cost invested to set up

The Situation

In 2017 we started working with one of Europe’s largest retailers in consumer electronics with over $20B in annual sales. They were looking for additional revenue channels and a product recommendation engine capable of delivering relevant and dynamic gift offers for brand differentiation.

What We Did

Within a short period, the retailer integrated with userwerk and started serving their customers relevant external gift offers on their purchase confirmation pages in the mobile apps and the web store.

The Results

The checkout flow was not impacted. Instead, the retailer saw a 624 % increase in ancillary revenue with a conversion rate of up to 26 %. No cost was invested to set up this campaign as the partnership was based on a revenue share.