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Exceptional exit experience

“We help iconic retailers and brands worldwide to elevate their digital customer experience, target new audiences and access untapped revenue opportunities with the userwerk solution.”

Dr. Markus Kalb | aka Dr. Checkout

What we do

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PhD in computer science

Dr. Markus Kalb

Founder and CEO of userwerk, Kalb is a visionary of high-quality personalized checkout marketing. Before founding userwerk he grew and sold a successful digital media company.

Since its inception in 2017, userwerk has grown 400 %, becoming a market leader in post checkout optimization. In 2018, userwerk helped a retailer increase incremental revenue by 475 %. By 2019, userwerk was being used by one of the biggest electronic retailers, resulting in a 624 % increase in ancillary revenue for the brand.

In 2020 Kalb launched his vision of data-based and self-learning product recommendations for up and cross selling both pre and post purchase. Kalb’s continued innovation and dedication to improving the checkout experience has earned him the title Dr. Checkout. Today with his leadership, userwerk serves 6+ million happy customers each month.

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The international e‑commerce solution

Our platform operates with 5,000+ products from more than 150 brands in 6 different countries. Our current customers and partners come from the following sectors: consumer good, financial services, health & healthcare, sporting goods, textiles, retail/trade, consumer electronics and the media industry.
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