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Study by userwerk shows: online shoppers love "thank you" offers

A personal thank you gift after shopping online: Germany‘s consumers are highly receptive to a gesture of appreciation from retailers. If these exclusive offers are intelligently tailored to the affinities of each customer, they can measurably increase brand loyalty and repeat purchasing. These are the first results of a current survey that the e-commerce and checkout marketing specialist userwerk recently conducted among around 1,600 online shoppers in Germany.

Small gifts nurture a connection and create positive brand experiences. The following figures show in detail how the emotional nature of the so-called “exit experience” is perceived by customers when shopping online.

Online shoppers love “thank you” offers. Two-thirds of the online shoppers surveyed by userwerk (66.8 %) are generally happy when thank you offers are shown to them after the purchase. Around a quarter (26.7 %) is indifferent about these goodies and only a small minority (6.5 %) are not enthusiastic about it.

One in four regularly takes advantage of the special offers. Even if this channel is still relatively young, checkout marketing already has a loyal following. One in four (24.5 %) accepts the special products or services offered to them more frequently or always. Four out of ten respondents (38.8 %) have only used this online service from their retailer once. More than a third (36.7 %) still rarely take advantage of thank you offers.

Smart checkout marketing has a positive influence on customer loyalty. Incentive products and services that meet the taste, needs and interests of customers can have a positive effect on brand loyalty. Four out of ten survey participants state that they would choose a retailer because of an attractive selection of thank you offers. For around a third (32.9 %), the chance to discover new products and services and spontaneously get a bargain influences their decision where to shop online. Almost a quarter of those surveyed make their choice of retailer independently of any thank you offers.

Convert first-time customers into repeat shoppers. Thank you offers have a high potential to turn first-time buyers into loyal customers even if the exclusive benefits are no longer applicable. One in five of the online shoppers surveyed by userwerk (20.8 %) stated that they had later bought a product or service that they ordered as a “thank you” and got to know. For around a third (32.4 %) this is at least partially the case. For around a quarter (26.5 %), the special offers have no repurchase effects at all.

Thank you offers don’t need to be free. A common misconception is that gift offers must always be free of charge in order to interest consumers. A majority (51.1 %) of the survey participants are willing pay to access exclusive deals, whereas about a quarter would not pay in part (24 %) or in principle (24.9 %).

CEO of Userwerk, Dr. Markus Kalb, explains, “Our survey shows that online shoppers love ‘thank you’ offers. When done well, checkout marketing using exclusive gift offers afford retailers big opportunities to win and retain customers. Shopping platforms can operate effective one-click upselling directly in the purchase phase, and brands benefit from new opportunities to efficiently generate new customers. Product recommendation is a key factor in the success of this strategy. Customers must be shown the right gift at the right time to achieve industry-leading conversion rates. Check out marketing can be an extremely high-performing and efficient marketing tool”.

For its survey on the use of “thank you” offers in e-commerce, userwerk asked online users in the online checkout area of 14 retail partners in October 2021. The basis of the qualitative survey is a comprehensive questionnaire on socio-demographic characteristics, interests and attitudes as well as the usage behavior of special offers and services. The results are based on the information provided by around 1,600 users who completed the questionnaire in full.

Userwerk is a fast-growing e-commerce company and a specialist in checkout marketing. The company has grown dynamically since its 2017 launch and collaborates with over 85 partners in Europe, maintaining a 99 % retention rate and serving 6+ million happy shoppers. Userwerk develops and implements successful marketing solutions for customer acquisition and retention on e-commerce online checkout.

About userwerk

“userwerk is a young e-commerce company with expertise in checkout marketing. Founded in 2017 and grown dynamically since then, our digital experience engineers specialize in the development and implementation of high-performance marketing concepts and solutions for customer acquisition and retention on the order confirmation pages (checkout) of e-commerce providers of all industries and sizes.

userwerk’s 360-degree portfolio for innovative checkout marketing includes strategic consulting and conceptual implementation with its own in-house creative department, as well as extensive data services (analytics, data verification and enrichment, A/B testing, performance optimization and KPI control) and proprietary technology for personalization, recommendation and cookie-free control of shopper targeting and offers.

The company operates with 5000+ products from more than 150 brands in 6 different countries. Our current customers and partners come from the following sectors: consumer goods, financial services, health & healthcare, sporting goods, textiles, retail/trade, consumer electronics, events, social gaming and the media industry.“