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Newspaper publishers look to e‑commerce for new subscribers

The Situation

Haenjes is a leading publisher service provider in Germany, working in subscriber acquisition for +90 % of the German newspapers. Haenjes helps both regional and national newspapers solve their biggest challenges in the ever-changing digital marketplace. As they strive to retain current subscribers and acquire new digitally native audiences, publishers are confronted with declining ad revenue and changing consumer behavior. To help them improve their online relevancy and drive subscriber revenue Haenjes looked to userwerk’s checkout marketing channel as a solution.


The strategy

We focused on 4 key features of our platform that help publishers acquire new subscribers online in a more relevant and efficient way:

  1. Clustering: drawing on local non personal session data we could intelligently determine the relevancy and value of offers in order to serve audiences with different interests and potential.
  2. Targeting: 1st party data sources connected live to our system allowed for anonymized individual targeting with regards to restriction periods, black/whitelisting and site categories. This was further refined to demographics, life phases, purchase potential, product affinities and geotargeting.
  3. Validation: entered phone numbers and address details were cross-checked in our system for overall validity before any orders were accepted.
  4. Upselling: Items were upsold in realtime directly following an order which increased relevancy when linked to the customers first choice. One-click ordering improved CX and conversions of up to 30% helped re-monetize new customer offers at the beginning of the sales funnel. This generated direct sales on top of the leads and reduced costs for publishers.

The results

During our 5 year (and counting) successful partnership with Haenjes we were able to deliver 1M+ subscriber orders. In the last 2 years order growth has doubled. Checkout marketing is now among the top 3 channels for new subscribers in Germany and represents 50% of all new customer contact info with regards to advertising consent for telephone and email, and two-thirds of all mailing address leads. We lowered customer acquisition costs for publishers (CPO is lower than traditional channels like direct mail and crew sales). Checkout marketing saves 75 % of the time spent capturing orders compared to conventional campaigns such as print ads and phone sales thanks to its automatized data connections that are individually tailored to each publisher’s system.

at a glance


Haenjes was able to efficiently consolidate their position as the leading agency for publishers’ digital performance marketing with the userwerk solution. Total subscriptions generated with our checkout marketing channel far exceeded expectations leading to significant growth in subscriptions and thus increasing ad revenue.

“The checkout-marketing solution from userwerk enables us to serve the sales needs of newspaper publishers optimally. The solution allows us to not only reach new target groups that we would only have limited access to in conventional marketing channels, but also ensures maximum efficiency with its intelligent targeting functions.” 

Knut Haenjes
Owner of Haenjes Verlagsdienstleistungen GmbH

About userwerk

“userwerk is a young e-commerce company with expertise in checkout marketing. Founded in 2017 and grown dynamically since then, our digital experience engineers specialize in the development and implementation of high-performance marketing concepts and solutions for customer acquisition and retention on the order confirmation pages (checkout) of e-commerce providers of all industries and sizes.

userwerk’s 360-degree portfolio for innovative checkout marketing includes strategic consulting and conceptual implementation with its own in-house creative department, as well as extensive data services (analytics, data verification and enrichment, A/B testing, performance optimization and KPI control) and proprietary technology for personalization, recommendation and cookie-free control of shopper targeting and offers.

The company operates with 5000+ products from more than 150 brands in 6 different countries. Our current customers and partners come from the following sectors: consumer goods, financial services, health & healthcare, sporting goods, textiles, retail/trade, consumer electronics, events, social gaming and the media industry.“