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Retail partner brands4friends tries thank-you offers for the first time, also first for in-app offers

The situation

Since 2007 brands4friends offers its shopping community exclusive daily savings deals. Their dynamic weekly deals in fashion, leisure, living and technology last only a few days, and now have a fan base of several million club members (including over one million app users). 

In order to strengthen customer loyalty and acquisition, further expand its business, and offer its regular and new customers a robust brand and shopping experience right up to the last moment of their online purchase, brands4friends decided to move into checkout marketing. Additionally, they were interested in leveraging branded buying impulses even after the purchase has already been made. After years of maintaining the same checkout experience without any external services, they were convinced by the userwerk concept to try it for the first time.

What we did

We adapted the userwerk service platform for brands4friends to allow high-quality checkout marketing for web store and also in-app for the first time. Regardless of which device (desktop or smartphone) community members use to shop – in addition to the uniform look & feel, all relevant data for “thank you offers” were optimally tailored to user affinities and made available at every checkout touchpoint in compliance with data protection laws. 

The solution, which is seamlessly integrated into the brands CI, contributed significantly to the perception of the “thank you offers” as an essential part of the brands4friends store. It was implemented by userwerk to be screen reader compatible, so that visually impaired users receive all important information about the benefit offers via audio and go through the entire selection process in this mode.

Maximum flexibility and scalability in the AI-based automated control of the “thank you offers” portfolio also ensured brands4friends the best possible conversion rates. As initial performance evaluations of the new checkout marketing solution showed, after just a few weeks of implementation, above-average conversion rates (sale/impression) of almost eight percent were achieved, resulting in additional annual sales potential in the high five-digit range.

The data-powered combination of shopping and exit experience via exclusive personalized benefit offers (“thank you offers”) on the order confirmation pages of their online store (checkout), provided brands4friends with additional high-quality touchpoints for customer targeting and activation at the digital point of purchase (PoP). This enabled the shopping club to conduct powerful one-click upselling directly in the purchase phase and to capitalize on new opportunities for efficiently generating new customers beyond traditional acquisition channels.

The shopping club brands4friends has strengthened its customer marketing, and now operates Germany’s largest shopping platform for exclusive advantage offers from the fashion and lifestyle sectors. The digital experience engineers at userwerk have developed an innovative e-commerce checkout marketing solution that brands4friends can now use to consistently extend its best-brand-offer strategy into its marketing.

The results at a glance


This clearly exceeded the expectations brands4friends had with its entry into checkout marketing: “Checkout marketing is a very attractive acquisition and loyalty tool for online stores – but it has to fit the brand perfectly in terms of concept and implementation, and ultimately also in terms of performance,” explains Torsten Wolf, former Managing Director brands4friends. “userwerk understood our brand requirements 100% and created an innovative marketing platform which gives us an excellent way to not only expand our best offer for our existing customers, but also set appealing incentives for new customers. That’s what convinced us.”

And Dr. Markus Kalb, CEO userwerk, says: “For us, it is a great success to have convinced such a market-shaping e-commerce brand like brands4friends of the benefits and potential of checkout marketing. The requirements defined by brands4friends set standards with regards to user experience. We are very pleased that our solution, which is individually tailored to their brand needs, has once again demonstrated the performance strength of this marketing discipline as well as our conceptual design and implementation expertise in this area.” 

About userwerk

“userwerk is a young e-commerce company with expertise in checkout marketing. Founded in 2017 and grown dynamically since then, our digital experience engineers specialize in the development and implementation of high-performance marketing concepts and solutions for customer acquisition and retention on the order confirmation pages (checkout) of e-commerce providers of all industries and sizes.

userwerk’s 360-degree portfolio for innovative checkout marketing includes strategic consulting and conceptual implementation with its own in-house creative department, as well as extensive data services (analytics, data verification and enrichment, A/B testing, performance optimization and KPI control) and proprietary technology for personalization, recommendation and cookie-free control of shopper targeting and offers.

The company operates with 5,000+ products from more than 150 brands in 6 different countries. Our current customers and partners come from the following sectors: consumer goods, financial services, health & healthcare, sporting goods, textiles, retail/trade, consumer electronics, events, social gaming and the media industry.“