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Attract and retain customers with checkout marketing: Sanicar, Aliva and Medicaria rely on a partnership with userwerk

The situation

Online shopping for medication and over-the-counter healthcare products is booming. At the same time, the market for mail-order pharmacies is highly competitive. This means that successful new customer acquisition and long-term customer retention are a high priority for marketers. The key factor here is a highly individual customer experience. The userwerksolutions focus on strengthening customer loyalty in online pharmacies through a highly personalized post-shopping experience. That’s why three of Germany’s top online pharmacies, Sanicare, Aliva and Medicaria, now rely on our checkout marketing expertise to provide a fuller and more engaging shopping experience. userwerk is massively expanding its customer base in the healthcare segment.

What we did

Sanicare, Aliva and Medicaria have recently focused their resources on innovation and an improved online CX. All three now rely on brand-specific platform solutions from userwerk for the integration of exclusive “thank you” offers on their order confirmation pages. 

The purchase add-ons are seamlessly integrated into the site and intended to offer customer inspiration, as an added value, in order to create a positive association with the brand and boost retention. The in-house developed, AI-supported display technology from userwerk makes it possible to serve a diverse range of customers in real time with new data-based “thank you” offers tailored to each individual shopper, such as free product samples, exclusive discounts, etc . Convenient features such as one-click orders thanks to data prefill technology ensure that the purchase experience is extremely user-friendly.

The results at a glance


“With the userwerk solutions, we can now not only offer the customers of our online pharmacies a high-quality digital shopping and brand experience that is optimally aligned with their interests and needs, but at the same time also market the checkout pages of our online pharmacy stores much more profitably. This is a double win for us and confirms our decision in favor of userwerk.”

Linda Becker
CEO | admenti

About userwerk

“userwerk is a young e-commerce company with expertise in checkout marketing. Founded in 2017 and grown dynamically since then, our digital experience engineers specialize in the development and implementation of high-performance marketing concepts and solutions for customer acquisition and retention on the order confirmation pages (checkout) of e-commerce providers of all industries and sizes.

userwerk’s 360-degree portfolio for innovative checkout marketing includes strategic consulting and conceptual implementation with its own in-house creative department, as well as extensive data services (analytics, data verification and enrichment, A/B testing, performance optimization and KPI control) and proprietary technology for personalization, recommendation and cookie-free control of shopper targeting and offers.

The company operates with 5,000+ products from more than 150 brands in 6 different countries. Our current customers and partners come from the following sectors: consumer goods, financial services, health & healthcare, sporting goods, textiles, retail/trade, consumer electronics, events, social gaming and the media industry.“